Offshore Bank Accounts


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Having an offshore bank account is critical to your financial future. With the increasing pressure on the financial system it is a mistake to have all of your asset in the same country and in the same currency. Countries are increasing restricting cash withdrawals and wealth taxes are on the rise.  It the global economy becomes as difficult as many suspect it will, outright nationalization of banks and banking assets may result.

To be prepared for the coming turmoil you need to diversify your assets, including your bank accounts.

Agora Trust, Ltd. works with the most sought after banks in the world.  Presently we have relationships with banks in Belize, Barbados, St. Lucia, Nevis, St. Vincent. Andorra, Singapore, Panama, Seychelles, The Cook Islands, and  Austria.

Where you should bank is based heavily on your needs and different banks and locations offer a varying degree of services.  Before you choose an offshore bank, be sure that you know which jurisdiction and which bank works best for your asset protection/investment plan.

For more information on how to further protect your assets, see our jurisdictional diversification investment program.