International Business Companies

International Business Company (IBC)

Take Advantage of the International Business Companies Act of 2000

Individuals and companies all around the world who are seeking to reduce unnecessary and unwarranted disclosure of their affairs are turning to an Anguillan IBC. This simple, yet powerful tool, functions as a valid investment vehicle through which all capital and income resulting from the international business activities of the IBC can be held, accumulated and transferred without any tax consequences within Anguilla.

An Anguillan IBC is not required to file annual returns. The IBC’s corporate records may be kept anywhere in the world and there are no requirements for Annual General Meetings. Furthermore, the Board of Directors’ meetings may be held anywhere in the world and can be convened by telephone or other electronic means while resolutions can be passed through written forms of communication such as telexes, telegrams and cables. These are only some of the many beneficial advantages of conducting your business affairs through an IBC.

An Anguillan IBC is not subject to income tax, social security tax, capital gain tax, withholding tax or stamp duty tax. There are no gift, death, estate, dividend, distribution, or inheritance taxes. There is a low minimum authorized capital and a business license is not required.

The officers, directors, and members of the IBC are not identified for public disclosure and the registration process is simple and can be accomplished with little effort. Most IBC’s are incorporated to own and operate any lawful business that may include ship ownership, trading of securities, offshore banking, intellectual property licensing, investment holding, employees’ retirement plans (IRA’s, etc), employment and leasing contracts and financial management. However, there is no need to specify the objectives for which the company is being incorporated.

If you are a resident of the United States or another jurisdiction that taxes worldwide income, an offshore IBC may allow you to defer income taxes on your global income until it is actually distributed to you, depending on the circumstances.